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What is a Park masterplan?

Provides a flexible a framework for orderly and consistent planning, acquisition, development and administration of parks and recreation resources, programs, and facilities for Fairview - now and into the future.
It accompanies the Fairview Forward 2040 Comprehensive Plan and will be reviewed and updated regularly as Fairview continues to grow and change.

It is not a legal document.


  • Identify and assess recreation needs in the community, predict future demand, and provide recommendations to City staff. 

  • Create a comprehensive vision for the park system, individual parks, open space areas, recreation facilities, greenways and/or programs in context of its location, natural resources, constraints/opportunities and vision of the community.

It is a comprehensive process, engaging stakeholders and gathering public input, providing a foundation for understanding and responding to the needs of the city. 

Parks play a role in economic development and revitalization and contribute to green infrastructure solutions. This master plan can provide a foundation for economic development, building a healthy community, and provide a unique sense of place. 

added benefit

End result

This master plan will allow the city to assess current and future recreational needs, evaluate feasible options, develop a strategic action plan, and budget for long-term or phased-in development and improvements. It will lay out an organizational framework for improving parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services.

  • Building support and consensus from community members and stakeholders

  • Informing about a park’s needs and its community assets

  • Identifying capital improvement goals that are needed to assess fiscal requirements and fundraising needs

  • Guiding critical decisions about parks and recreation facilities, infrastructure, programs, and services

  • Developing recommendations and an implementation strategy

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